Federated Technologies for Distance Education - SINED (México).

The Association for the Development of the National Distance Education (SINED, https://www.sined.mx/sined/) is an organization which manages and develops distance education in Mexico. Its public and institutional actions are carried out through networking. Knowledge management is promoted through educational social networking supported by the strategic use of technology. SINED has contributed in various ways to the development of distance education in Mexico, e.g. through a) installation of 22 peripheral nodes, b) an educational intervention model, c) providing learning objects collections for free, d) a programme to empower the Mexican society in the use of ICT, e) creating a legal and regulatory framework for distance education, f) organising Educación y Futuro collaborative conferences, g) motivating digital competition (CODIET) and h) funding research that encourages the dissemination of knowledge and the design of educational programs. This contribution aims to explain the general framework of SINED services, focusing on federated technologies that support these services which include the eRubrica Design Center, the Instructional Design Center and the use of eportfolios.



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